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FloraliŽn Gent - The Floralies - Gent

29 Apr - 8 May 2022

The Board of Directors of Floraliën Gent (Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany) has decided, after consultation with the members of the General Assembly, that the next edition of Floralies will take place from 29 April to 8 May 2022. The measures of the Federal Government do not allow the 2021 edition to be organised safely at the beginning of May. The original theme "My paradise, my worldly garden" will be retained for edition 2022.

The next Floraliën edition will take place in the green heart of the city of Ghent!

For ten days, the iconic Floralies Palace in Citadelpark in Ghent will be the setting for the most beautiful creations by national and international florists, ornamental horticulturists, gardeners and artists.

Less and less greenery can be found in city centres. The purpose of the 2022 Floralies is to provide a counterimage by means of a dynamic, green and blooming environment created by the local and international horticultural sector. Workshops, pop-ups, green rooms and concept rooms will also be organised. Visitors to the 2022 Floralies will get the opportunity to discover the latest developments as to trends, durability, research and innovation.

This edition’s theme is “My Paradise, a Global Garden”.

This will be the 36th edition of Ghent Floralies and it returns to the Citadel park. The flower and plant festival will be organised in the familiar ICC buildings, Floraliën hall and Kuipke building. By opting for the Floraliën hall, the organisation wish to primarily focus on authenticity and essence, on green experience with a clear acknowledgement of the professional business.

You will be able to explore....

° 1.5 ha of indoor garden and 1.5 km of visitor’s itinerary

° more than 500,000 flowers and plants

° learn from professionals and sign up for a workshop or a demonstration

The Citadel Park is the largest park and the 'green lung' of Ghent. On this location you will discover the symbolic meanings that have been associated with flowers and plants over the years. In the different green and concept rooms you will have the opportunity to put all your senses to work in order to (re)discover flowers and plants.

Floralies 2022 has four pillars:
1. flowers and plants
2. floral art
3. indoor and outdoor inspiration
4. our sector’s professionalism and sustainability 
Key elements will be the green undercurrent in society, experiencing and horticulture. Next years edition of the Floralies edition the aim is to increase their sustainability and to contribute to happiness and well-being in a healthy environment.
For 2022 we would suggest combining this visit with the Royal Glasshouses, two fabulous visits in one Tour!

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