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Girona Flower Festival - Girona, Spain

7th to 15th May 2022

Due to the Covid-19 situation the 2021 Girona Flower Festival was kept as a local event but they hope to be back in full swing in May 2022. 

We have our plans in place for 2022 with time allocated to enjoy the event and have extra floral activities built into the programme.

The history of Girona, Temps de Flors is a story of young entrepreneurs who, in 1954, decided to organise the first edition of what they called 'Concurso Provincial Exhibition of Flowers' in the foyer of the Municipal Theatre. 

The festival grew each year, that first year it was small and went to the Hall of Parchments Public Library and later to the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants. Further into the festival it moved to the Convent and Cloister of Santo Domingo. The festival began to spread to include various courtyards and gardens of the Old Town, including the square of the Jury, the cloister of the Cathedral of the square and the gardens Narcissus Figueras.

The evolution of the festival saw a key point in 1979 when it was organised for the first time on behalf of the Association of the Friends of the Flowers and Gardens. Later, in 1983, it also included the Friends of Old Girona who managed the opening of many private patios and gardens that during the rest of the year remained closed to the public. In 1992 the City of Girona was involved in the organisation which culminated in a decisive leap forward in the running, marketing and screening of the festival to what it is today, the largest international festival of Girona, an activity that attracts people from all over the world!

Why not join us on this memorable tour for a fabulous experience through the private gardens and public spaces of Girona.

This tour is open to individuals, small or large groups and flights from a selection of airports around the UK.

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