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Fabulous Tours by Floral Tours

We are offering a personal, tailored service for your tour.

We cover Floral Tours, Floristry Tours, Garden Tours and Horticultural Tours and we can offer suggestions for content if you need any.

You have the option to structure the tour to your needs and your groups requests. We are happy to combine events and visits if you have specific ideas in mind.

Whatever your choices the tour will be designed to make sure you see all the very best highlights!

Pat Cooke is a member of her local flower club and a local gardening club and has experienced the tours on our Floral portfolio and is very happy to offer advice and suggestions to help make your tour a success!


Why Floral Tours?

.....We are the only group travel operator that specialises only in floral and horticultural tours

.....We have extensive experience focused on tailoring floral and horticultural tours for both professional and recreational enthusiasts

.....We deliver top quality with a great price

Have a look at our tours and testimonials and hopefully we will see you soon on one of our tours, thank you for looking.

A Selection of our Current Tours

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