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The Flower Carpet - Brussels - Brussels - Belgium

12th - 15th August 2021 - TBC

In line with the City of Brussels and the Belgian Government guidelines on COVID-19 the 2020 edition of the Carpet of Flowers has been cancelled.

We are awaiting confirmation on the dates and whether the event will occur in 2021 or 2022 as scheduled.

Every 2 years the Grand-Place in Brussels is covered with a flower carpet of begonias. The carpet of 77 m x 24 m is composed by about 120 volunteers, with nearly 1 million begonias in less than 4 hours.

The 2020 theme of the flower carpet is Mexico. The Flower Carpet is dedicated to Guanajuato, a Mexican region with a particularly rich floral culture and tradition.

The event has it's opening night on the preceeding Thursday, 13th August 2020 at 10pm with the exhibition on the 14th, 15th and 16th August 2020.
This is a great time to visit the bustling city of Brussels and all the delights it has to offer.
This event brings visitors from all over the world to admire the display on show in the Grand-Place, an spectacle that certainly catches your interest!
Officially, the first Floral Carpet in its present-day form was created in 1971 on the Grand-Place by the landscape architect E. Stautemans, but in fact, it was the culmination of a whole series created in various towns in Flanders. The beauty and diversity of all these carpets is largely due to their main component, the famous begonia. Chosen above all for its qualities of robustness, resistance to bad weather and strong sunshine, the begonia guarantees the long life and freshness of the carpet. This event happens every two years.


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